The Domaine

Our philosophy

Vincent and Sophie Morey treat their vineyards as if they were gardens. "Fine wines start with good grapes," they declare in unison.

Vincent is definite on the point: "Wine-making is like cooking: The basic ingredients have to be right." In the vineyard, strict attention to detail is the order of the day. "There's no secret. It's a matter of devoting the necessary time to the job. The whole team understands this. It's what I learnt from my father."

Another key principle for Vincent and Sophie is be prepared to re-think. This happens every year as no two years are the same as to vintage and to weather conditions. "This is how we make our experience work for us." A speial concern is the choice of harvest dates. "You mustn't jump the gun. If the vineyard work has been properly done throughout the growing season and the grapes are in good health, then there's no need to rush into it." Though 60% of the domaine;s production goes for export, the domaine still sets a high value on its individual customers. "We want to keep our client-base. We like to see our customers face-to-face, even if this means we have to be constantly available. All are welcome to come and taste our wines, as long as they make an appointment beforehand."

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